Live video of ITT from Plaza Catalunya!

Here is a live video from our concert on Friday, August 19th, in Plaza Catalunya, Barcelona.  ITT (from Fela Kuti) featuring Mu on vocals, the Melanin Queens on background vocals, and Gorka Benitez and Juan De Diego on tenor sax and trumpet.  Not only a great song, but really relevant given the current socio-economic climate!



Alma Afrobeat Ensemble opens La Mercé Festival 2014!!!

On September 19th the Alma Afrobeat Ensemble has a big day!  At 8 pm there will be an in-store appearance at FNAC Triangle in Plaza Catalunya.  Then, at 10:30 pm they will open La Mercé festival in Plaza Catalunya, and they will be joined by a whole bunch of special guests, including horns extraordinaire Gorka Benitez and Juan de Diego; the voice and dance of Michel Ndione; lyrical styings of Santo Machango; a group of Queens a la Fela  with Mami Mbengue and Anna Marie Mbengue, and Mu Mbana!!! This is a show not to be missed!!!!!