Official music video for “Majority Whip”

We have released a brand new animated short film, set to our music!  Here is the description:

“Barcelona-based groove ambassadors Alma Afrobeat Ensemble have teamed up with animator Isaac Sagastume (Cage the Elephant, Mike B, AM and Shawn Lee)on “Majority Whip”, a standout track and live favorite off of their latest album, Life No Get Dublicate. The song is inspired by the fact that Fela Kuti’s Afrobeat is a profoundly socially conscious music, and features a distinct and potent vocal performance by singer/rapper/dancer Baba Gaye over an infectious, frenzied groove. The video is more of a short film than a traditional music video, and it is a cautionary tale, of an activist leader hoisted by the masses into a dispute with the Powers That Be (mostly a bunch of creepy old men in suits) animated in a Schoolhouse Rock-style aesthetic. It engages the rumors of rapid and potentially radical change that are so present in their hometown from a skeptical distance, and includes a healthy dose of pessimism about money’s corrosive relationship with democracy and politics.”

Live video of ITT from Plaza Catalunya!

Here is a live video from our concert on Friday, August 19th, in Plaza Catalunya, Barcelona.  ITT (from Fela Kuti) featuring Mu on vocals, the Melanin Queens on background vocals, and Gorka Benitez and Juan De Diego on tenor sax and trumpet.  Not only a great song, but really relevant given the current socio-economic climate!