July 2018- USA Tour

12/04-ALMA AFROBEAT ENSEMBLE -CC Cotxeres Borrell, Bcn
11/03-ALMA AFROBEAT ENSEMBLE -La Monumental, Bcn

September 13th Apolo, Barcelona, in Mundo Canibal with London Afrobeat Collective
August 12th Rototom, Lion Stage, 9 pm, Benicassim, SP

USA Tour
June 22nd 210 Restaurant, Highwood, IL (tour presentation show)
June 23rd Wilbert’s Food and Music, Cleveland, OH
June 24th Founder’s Brewery, Grand Rapids, MI
June 25th Summerdance Festival, Grant Park, Chicago, IL
June 27th Skellington Manor, Davenport, IA
June 28th The Wild Hare, Chicago, IL
June 29th Jazz in the Park Festival, Milwaukee, WI
June 30th The Cedar Cultural Center, Minneapolis, MN
July 1st The Red Herring, Duluth, MN
July 2nd The Independent Media Center, Urbana, IL*
*One hour masterclass offered by AAbE before the show
July 3rd The Emporium Wicker Park, Chicago, IL (Midwest tour closer)*
*Combined show with ESSO!, one set of AAbE and ESSO! music, one set of Fela
music, both with musicians from both bands together.
West Coast
July 6th Humboldt Brewery, Arcata, CA
July 7th The Boom Boom Room, San Francisco, CA
July 8th The Ashkenaz, Berkeley, CA
July 9th Concerts on the Commons Beach, Lake Tahoe, CA

21/04 – Hidrosfera Festival, Tenerife, Canary Islands
19/04 – The Paper Club, Las Palmas, Canary Islands
06/04 – Cosmic Dawn/Kulturbahnhof, Jena, Germany
05/04 – YAAM, Berlin, Germany
31/03 – Festival “9Barris in Black”, Can Basté, Barcelona

4/9 Festival: “Veggie Fest 2016” Sabadell
16/8 Festival: “Collioure Festival”, France
15/8 Festival: “Fiestas de Grácia”, Barcelona
12/7 Festival: “La Semana Negra”, Gijón
9/7 Festival: “SLAP! Festival”, Zaragoza (with the JB’s)
23/6 Club: “CLF Arts Café”, London, UK
17/6 Club: “Marula Café”, Barcelona
4/6 Store: “FNAC” Barcelona (In-store appearance)

USA Tour
28/5 Club: “Cowboy Monkey”, Champaign, Illinois
27/5 Club: “The Grog Shop”, Cleveland, Ohio
25/5 Club: “Old Town School of Folk Music”, Chicago
24/5 Radio Concert: “Radio M” on WBEZ, con Tony Sarabria
22/5 Club: “The Cedar Cultural Center”, Minneapolis, MN
21/5 Club: “Fire on Water”, Milwaukee, WI
21/5 Children’s Show: “Garfield Park Conservatory”, Chicago (Juicebox Series, from Chicago
Dep’t of Cultural Affairs)
20/5 Club: “The Emporium Wicker Park”, Chicago
20/5 Children’s Show: “Chicago Cultural Center”, Chicago (Juicebox Series, from Chicago Dep’t
of Cultural Affairs)
16/4 Club: “Tempo”, Madrid
9/3 Club: “La Capsa”, El Prat del Llobregat

4/12 Festival: “Bulles d’Afrique”, Bordeaux, France
28/11 Club: “Les Enfants”, Barcelona (álbum release party for “It’s Time”)
28/8 Festival: “Fiestas de San Agustín”, Ibiza
8/8 Club: “Niágara”, Santander
7/8 Festival: “Noches de Jazz”, Plaza del Mercado Cantábria
6/8 Festival: “Noches de Jazz”, Centro de Cultura, Laredo
5/8 Club: “Playas de Isla”, Isla
9/7 Festival: “Cultura Inquieta”, Plaza de Toros, Getafe, Madrid (with Osibisa)
28/6 Festival: “Fiesta mayor de Rubí”, Rubí
27/6 Festival: “Noche Étnica Mestizaje”, Alicante
16/5 Festival: “Fiestas de San Isidro”, Madrid
9/5 Club: “Alamzic”, Bagneres de Bigorre, France
2/5 Club: “La Masia”, Sant Boi, Barcelona
1/5 Club: “Bikini”, Barcelona (with Jahcub and the Chosen Ones)
21/3 Club: “Casa das Crexas”, Santiago de Compostela, Galicia
20/3 Club: “Café Cultural Auriense, Galicia
13/3 Club: “Enfants”, Barcelona
28/2 Club: “La Sala”, Ceuta
27/2 Club: “Boogaclub”, Granada
13/2 Club: “Café Berlín”, Madrid

18/12 Festival: “Universidad de Barcelona, End of Year Party”, Barcelona,
24/10 Festival: “InEdit”, Aribau Cinema, Barcelona (presentation Fela Documentary)
4/10 Festival: “Umami”, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
19/9 Festival: “Fiestas de La Mercé”, Plaza Cataluña de Barcelona
19/9 Store: “FNAC” Barcelona (In-store appearance)
16/8 Festival: “Lez Arts”, Laguepie, France
9/8 Festival: “Mas i Mas”, Club Tarantos, Barcelona
24/5 Festival: “Quartiers en Fete”, Carcassone, France
17/5 Club: “Akwaba”, Chateauneuf de Gadagne, France
10/5 Festival: “Blackcelona”, Club Boite, Barcelona,
27/4 Festival: “Aragón Tierra Abierta”, Huesca,
19/4 Club: “Camji”, Niort, France
21/3 Festival: “Tribute to Mandela”, Club Salamandra, L’Hospitalet de Llobregat
8/2 Club: Jamboree, Barcelona,

16/10 Festival: “Save the Ramona”, Club Apolo 1, Barcelona
11/10 Club: “Ateneu de Nou Barris”, Barcelona
14/9 Festival: “Mercat de Música Viva de Vic”, Vic
24/8 Festival: “Afrocaña”, Barceloneta,
8/8 Festival: “Fusión! Contemporánea”, Huelva
8/6 Festival: “ESMUC fin de curso”, L’Auditori, Barcelona,
7/6 Club: Bar Electric, Barcelona (Residency)
7/5 Club: Bar Electric, Barcelona (Residency)
4/4 Club: Bar Electric, Barcelona (Residency)
15/3 Club: Marula Café, Barcelona, (Residency)
23/2 Club: Marula Café, Barcelona, (Residency)
26/1 Club: Marula Café, Barcelona, (Residency)

28/11 Club: Apolo 2, Barcelona
15/9 Festival: “Mercat de Músiva Viva de Vic” (DIVERSONS)
1/9 Club: “Teatre del Casal”, Calaf

(Diversons is an organization that sponsored tours for World Music Artists throughout Spain. All concerts were festival style shows in plazas and amphitheaters throughout the country)

24/8 Girona (Diversons Tour)
17/8 Villena (Diversons Tour)
14/8 Murcia (Diversons Tour)
4/8 Jaca (Diversons Tour)
29/7 Olivenza (Diversons Tour)
28/7 Santander (Diversons Tour)
27/7 Santander (Diversons Tour)
26/7 Santander (Diversons Tour)
25/7 Formentera (Diversons Tour)
14/7 Extremadura (Diversons Tour)
29/6 Getxo (Diversons Tour)
24/6 Festival: “Music in the Monastery”, Ulldecona
26/5 Festival: “Cultura Inquieta”, Getafe, Madrid
12/5 Festival: Professional Music Fair of Vilaseca
1/5 Figueres (Diversons Tour)
31/3 Club: La Rebel, Vilassar de Dalt, Barcelona
26/3 Television Concert: “Conciertos de Radio 3”, Madrid (nationally televised)
25/3 Festival: “Fiesta Radio3 en La Casa Encendida”, Madrid

(AIE is the Spanish Association of Artists and Performers, who also sponsor national tours)

17/3 Club: “Centro Social”, Málaga, (AIE Tour)
16/3 Club: “Club Supersonic”, Cádiz, (AIE Tour)
15/3 Club: “Club Boogaclub”, Granada, (AIE Tour)
3/3 Club: “Club Matisse”, Valencia, (AIE Tour)
2/3 Club: “El Junco”, Madrid, (AIE Tour)
1/3 Club: “Club Garcilazo”, Toledo, (AIE Tour)

4/12 Festival: “Check In”, Barcelona
12/11 Festival: “WOMAD” Islas Canarias,
14/10 Festvial “Felabration!”, El local de la Mary, Barcelona
15/9 Festival: “Mercat de música viva de Vic”, Vic
8/9 Festival: “Ses festes de Jesús”, Ibiza
5/8 Festival: “Imagina Funk”, Jaén, ,
31/7 Club: “Museo del rock”, Barcelona
29/6 Club: “Apolo II”, Barcelona,
19/6 Club: “Museo del rock”, Barcelona
28/5 Festival: “Barnáfrica”, Barcelona
7/5 Club: “Museo del rock”, Barcelona
24/4 Club: “Eléctric Bar”, Barcelona, (Residency)
17/4 Club: “Eléctric Bar”, Barcelona, (Residency)
10/4 Club: “Eléctric Bar”, Barcelona, (Residency)
3/4 Club: “Eléctric Bar”, Barcelona, (Residency)
25/2 Club: “Ateneu de Nou Barris”, Barcelona
3/2 Club: “Hostal Centric Point”, Barcelona
22/1 Club: “Eléctric Bar”, Barcelona,

07/11 Club: ”Apolo II”, Barcelona,
23/10 Festival: “Presentation of Subtravelling”, Barcelona Maritime Museum
30/9 Club: “La boca del Lobo”, Madrid
22/5 Club: “La Marula”, Barcelona
25/3 Club: “El Dorado”, Barcelona
3/3 Festival: “La Ramona”, Sala Apolo 1
30/1 Club: “Cafe Marula”, Barcelona
28/1 Club: “Hostal Centric Point”, Barcelona

17/12 Club: “Marula Café”, Barcelona
13/11 Club: “Marula Café”, Barcelona
16/10 Club: “Marula Café”, Barcelona
6/8 Club: “Marula Café”, Barcelona
2/7 Festival: “Cruilla de Cultures World Music Festival (w/Konono No 1)”, Mataró,
23/4 Club: “Razzmatazz”, Barcelona

18/7 Festival: “Fiestizaje 2008”, Vilafranca del Bierzo, Galicia
17/7 Club: “La Boca del Lobo”, Madrid
16/7 Club: “Eléctric Bar”, Barcelona